Visatron VN301plus / VN301plusEX

New Multi-sensor system oil mist detectors to protect large diesel, gas & dual fuel engines from heavy consequential damage cause by oil mist explosion.  

Key Highlights:

  • System with single sensors for each compartment
  • Extremely low maintenance cost – designed for engine lifetime
  • Quick reaction time
  • No false Alarms
  • Robust & reliable, made for rough sea duty
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for compact engine layouts
  • Power/Air supply via hybrid cable, plu & play connection to sensors
  • Active dirt protection of optics by clean air – no false alarms
  • Automatic opacity adaptation to engine in normal operation – False Alarm-free system even under frequent changes in engine load and rpm
  • VN301plusEX is designed as an explosion protected system for large gas & dual fuel engines. ATEX Certified according II‑/2G Ex op is IIB T4 ‑/Gb


Complete Electrical Installation with 1~10 sensors

Complete Electrical Installation with 1~20 sensors (2x CU)

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