ACCOMOS® Vibration Monitoring System

Known as the ACCOMOS® , it is a 3-axis ACCeleratiOn MOnitoring System which allows the monitoring of vibrations within your engine drive line. Small enough to fit in your hand, it is designed to be easily installed, and can be secured onto your engine in a matter of minutes. Super strong Neodymium magnets are used to ensure the sensor stays in place on your engine, even on rough surfaces. The sensor comes in 2 versions, a stand-alone-solution with adjustable thresholds which can be read out in real time via CAN or RS485 interface, or with remote monitoring software, which allows the monitoring of the frequency spectrum and records data for later analysis. The ACCOMOS detects discrepancies in vibration behavior and warns the operators of the deviations.

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 What is Proactive Maintenance?

Proactive Maintenance enables operators to perform maintenance when necessary only and to avoid unnecessary steps before that, making maintenance more systematic. It also prevents unnecessary downtime of equipment as it helps to resolve problems before they become failures, identify the root causes of failures and can help to extend the lifetime of equipment and reduce downtime as such result of sudden machine failure.

The initial tool in order to predict and plan maintenance tasks is the collection of data during equipment operation and to compare and analyse data variations over time to make justifications and decide for maintenance stops at the right time.

Proactive maintenance programs are frequently supported by Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for integrated data collection in order to support the consistent condition monitoring.

But whichever strategy is followed, Schaller Automation has the answer for individual or computerized monitoring to support your maintenance approaches and program implementations in the most efficient way possible.

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