Visatron VN2020 / VN2020EX

Schaller Automation’s latest Visatron Oil Mist Detector VN2020. Aimed to support and replace the VN87plus series with upgraded state-of-the-art SMD technology for faster response, lower maintenance and better user experience.

All VISATRON Oil Mist Detectors continuously and simultaneously evacuate crankcase atmosphere to ensure a highest level of safety for engine and operator.

  • Fully connectible to installations of older/previous models
  • Further reduced maintenance costs, no scavenging air filters required anymore
  • Pressure regulator unit includes the water separator
  • User friendly LED display, easy to read
  • Available with ATEX/ IECEx
  • CANopen and MODBUS RTU connectivity
  • Wire Break Resistors easier accessible
  • Reset button position on the Measuring Unit
  • Pressure adjustment to be read out directly on the display of the Measuring Head, no further tools required anymore
  • Faster replacement of Measuring Unit by re-designed connection box

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